WooCommerce announced the resolution of several security issues with their latest release (3.3.14) on 10/19/2018.  WooCommerce is a wildly popular eCommerce plugin managed by the creators of WordPress (Automattic).  With 4+ million installations, the impact could potentially be widespread.

According to WooCommerce:

“Versions 3.4.5 and earlier are affected by a handful of issues that allow Shop Managers to exceed their capabilities and perform malicious actions. These issues can be exploited by users with Shop Manager capabilities or greater…”.

What should you do?

WooCommerce users are encouraged to update their plugin to the latest version immediately to avoid any potential risk.

How can you avoid future problems?

Staying up to date on plugins, themes and WordPress core is crucial for securing your website.  Learn more about our WordPress support and maintenance plans to help you stay out of trouble.